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It all started when…

XPRT was established to achieve a simple goal—Use the best experts in their fields to deliver targeted solutions for clients who want to grow. This sounds simple in concept, but success lies in doing the work to execute the concept. Every person on the XPRT team brings passion, commitment, and years of experience in serving clients.  We work as individuals and in teams with small, medium, and large businesses.  We work on short-term assignments and long-term strategies, and with every client engagement—we work with honesty and integrity to deliver results for our clients.

To achieve success, we have established five fundamentals governing our work.  These fundamentals guide every client interaction. This is how we do business, we:

  • Listen and understand each client’s issues and requirements

  • Bring every client the professional expertise, tools, and support to complete the tasks assigned, from concept to implementation

  • Give our clients professional advice based on expertise and supported by the facts and current data

  • Work with each client to assess alternative approaches and decide on a course of action that results in an optimal solution to their goal

  • Complete the agreed upon scope of work within schedule and budget, with open communications and an uncompromising commitment to integrity

There is no “formula” for what we do—our clients don’t come to us to get the textbook answer.  They want team members with proven expertise to work with them to achieve their goals. XPRT’s success is measured only one way—by client satisfaction.